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Thursday, June 10, 2010


Darnin/Mamasita called...she clearly needed help & I offered to help before she even had to ask. {That NEVER happens, so I've marked the moment in history.} Anyway, she had an upcoming dinner party on a Saturday. It was Wednesday when we spoke.

Have I mentioned that Hubby is like MacGyver in the kitchen? Fo' Real, Yo.

So, I called Hubby.
You could heeeeaaaar the excitement in his voice as he was talking about this or that....

So, we all settled on seafood.
THIS is what I got to eat on Wednesday night as he was trying out different options:

{it's grilled salmon with some cilantro-lime-garlic sauce, over cilantro & crab mashed potatoes, with roasted tomatoes}

I thought it was REALLY good.

Thursday night, we had THIS:

{swordfish soft tacos, again with the cilantro-lime-garlic sauce, lettuce, cheese, and these onions that had been cooked in a red wine reduction sauce}

The presentation of the other meal was better, but the swordfish tacos---were DELICIOUS!

So, it was settled. Swordfish tacos for the entree, ceviche/seviche for the appetizer, and beans on the side.

The food was yummy, and I was lucky enough to get to help Hubby decide on what to serve. {not something I would complain about one bit!}



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