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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dinner at The Harbor....

When we got back from San Antonio, Vicki & Dawn came over to give me my graduation gift from Vicki---which is AWESOME! {It's the CriCut Fondant Icing Cutter that I've been eyeing...and have very little idea on how to actually use it, but whatever. I intend to learn!}

Anyway---we had a GREAT time showing them the house & all heading out to the harbor, even though it was hot that evening. We still all had a great time.
Now, if only we had a boat...... {Hubby---my birthday IS coming up, and you've asked me what I want for the big celebration of 32 years on this planet, and I told you that I want 32 gifts. I'd like for one of them to be a boat. And, let me be MORE specific---I'd like it to be a REAL boat that is big enough & strong enough to hold our family & actually float on water. Don't be wrapping up 32 plastic boats as a gift. AND---if you get me a boat, those other 31 gifts are really going to just come together in a flash...we'll need life jackets (that's at least 4 gifts right there), and skis...and one of those tubes to pull behind the boat, which means that we'll need see how easy this shopping is going to be????}

Wow---did I go off on a tangent, or what?

Back to our dinner date....

A GREAT night was had by all.

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At 10:46 AM , Blogger Rikki said...

COOL!!! So glad you got it! That's awesome!


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