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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Update; Part Two.

Saturday afternoon, Mom made the chicken salad that I love and we had sandwiches & just kind of hung out for a bit...

After lunch, the whole crew headed over to the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler.

I'd love to say that we all great time, and we did. We really did.
But, you couldn't tell that the kids were enjoying themselves according to this picture.

After the zoo, it was back to Darnin's for some PawPaw Burgers.


And then..........THEN, it was time for PawPaw's Grab Bags.
History for you: twice a year, PawPaw does Grab Bags for the girls. And,, he gets it right! {In fact, there's even another story about this: last year at Christmas, my PawPaw grab bag was AWESOME, and unfortunately, Hubby struck out with all but one Christmas gift. Bless his little heart...he tried, but....he should have taken PawPaw shopping with him!} So, this year, it was me, my sister, & Dawne. We got grab-boxes instead of grab-bags.
So fun!

Did I mention that it was so much fun???

After night!
We played Catch Phrase. The reference of the night: Oprah's Book Club, Blowjob in the Woods {we were supposed to guess "Head Hunter"}.
I can't remember who won or lost....but clearly---it was a good time.

....part 3 coming up soon.

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At 8:08 AM , Anonymous Jacki said...

Very awesome!
I had a friend head to the Tyler zoo yesterday and when she said she was going to the zoo in TYLER my thoughts were "really?", and here you are going! (Worst run on sentence ever, I know.)

Love the grab box idea but not sure I'd have anyone in the family that would go for it. chances on joining yours? :)

At 8:34 PM , Blogger Judy said...

The Caldwell Zoo is the BOMB!!! We love it more than the San Antonio zoo! Seriously! Love the penguins!

At 8:25 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that's the way to do a holiday right! You family seems like a lot of fun! :)


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