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Monday, August 24, 2009

Saturday, 8/15: Sandy Lake Amusement Park

Yes, I like to call it "SLAP."

So, on Saturday, 8/15, the Hubby & I had grand plans for the room re-do. And---my mom had grand plans with her grand babies!

Darnin, Allen, Gage, Tiffany, Trystan, Aunt Loraine, Baby Lane, Aunt Billie ("BK"), and Nora all went to SLAP.

First, a few of us met up at Aunt Loraine's, and that's where I dropped Gage off into Darnin's care. When we arrived we were all shocked to see that Gage & Lane picked out strikingly similar outfits.

Lane & Gage

Gage, Trystan, Allen, Lane, & Nora

Lane is my cousin Karl's little boy.
Nora is my cousin Kory's little girl.
So that makes them Gage's....what?
2nd cousin, once removed?
3rd cousin?

Allen, Lane, Gage, Nora & Trystan

Texas Tornado Tree

Pony Rides...

Riding the rides...

Worn out yet? That was just the first half of their day.
After the dry part of the park---they breaked for lunch & headed over to the pool.




Those kiddos had a GREAT time.
Gage was TUCKERED OUT when Darnin' brought him home. She put him down on the couch to finish out his nap. Then treated us to BBQ take-out. It was great!

And Mom---I know that you have been waiting & waiting for these pics & this post. FINALLY I got it done!

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At 7:18 PM , Blogger MarvelousMOM said...

What a fun time!!! I love it.


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