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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Moustache? Me?

I don't need a moustache, I assure you.
But I'd like to take a vacation from myself!

Two days full of stuff that I don't want to do!
Aside from watching Hell's Kitchen, of course.

ID badge yesterday: they don't do badges on Tuesday.
I did get a caseload know, for my upcoming internship.
Nevermind the fact that 2 of them are Spanish speaking only, and I would not call myself fluent in Spanish.

Donde esta la zapataria?
Necesito mas zapatos ahora!

Yes, I know how to say those things.
No, they won't help me at all.
No, I won't understand the answers even if I am able to formulate the actual questions that I need to ask.
Como se dice "I'm screwed!" en espanol?

Anyway....back to my day today.
7:45 am: Pediadontist appt.
I think I love her. That's the good news.
Oh, and today's visit didn't cost a penny! That's the other good news.
The not so great news: 2 cavities, not just one. But, one is teeeeeeeny tiny & just getting started, so we caught it early.
We only got 1/2 the x-rays we needed because Gage freaked out about the x-ray lady touching him & putting the "alligator clip" in his mouth. In his defense, I remember the x-rays of the back teeth (aren't they called bite-wings?), and yes, the x-ray film is uncomfortable on the roof of your mouth.
According to the x-rays we did get: we likely have braces in our future.
But what a mom moment---she's showing me 1/2 a set of x-rays, and I instantly see Gage's "big" teeth, and totally teared up.
Couldn't do the necessary work today. He'll require sedation for the dental work to proceed. Our out of pocket portion on the sedation: $130.00. Not my favorite. The dental work is going to be cheaper than the sedation after insurance pays!
But, such is life.
Gotta have it done.
So, that's not even going to be possible until September---the day before his birthday no less.

What else for today? Went back to get my ID made today. Parked. Walked all the way over to the building to get the ID made. Had my camera in my purse. Couldn't go through security with it. Asked them to just hold it for 5 minutes while I got my badge. Couldn't do that either. So, with a toddler in tow, we walked aaaalllll the way back to the car. Dropped off the camera, & went back. Got my badge made. Walked over to another building to get parking validated. Then, with our pick of restaurants downtown, Gage was insistent upon eating in the cafeteria of the George L. Allen Sr. Courts Building.
Of all places.

Get down there........they are a cash only establishment.
I don't even have enough cash for one of us to eat!
With a toddler in tow, we scurry up to the ATM machine & then return back to the cafeteria in the basement to eat.

I've been exhausted since 10:30 this morning.
I'm ready for a vacation from myself!

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At 1:55 PM , Blogger Just Jiff said...

Wow. I had to go get my ID badge, parking sticker, and books today. Only had to drive to 2 places. And no toddler in tow. :)

And I gag when they take xrays of my teeth and that thing is shoved way in my mouth. Ugh! Poor Gage!

At 6:14 PM , Blogger Christy Ann said...

Sounds impressive! What are/were you studying? What is your internship?

I am hoping to go to college/Uni next year... so I'm curious. :)

At 7:23 PM , Blogger Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Yikes, what a day!
I have been scrolling through your recent posts, you hotty mama you. I can't get over how big your boy has gotten! Little Gagey is a big boy, wow.
Hope you have a fantastic week,

At 11:23 AM , Blogger Pregnantly Plump said...

What a way to spend your days off! I hope that you guys are able to have a great weekend!


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