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Monday, July 27, 2009


Okay, so I'm a little more than 1/3 of the way through my study guide for my test on Wednesday. Yes, I've outlined 21 of the 53 topics. It's a 60 question test.
It's taken me about 10 pages to outline this crap. I mean---useful information that I will not just retain momentarily, but rather for the remainder of my life...or until I get dementia. {In which case, I may actually THEN spew this crap (I mean useful information) from my mouth for the world to hear!}

What else?
Oh, I also get to meet with my "group" after the test on Wednesday. Why? Well, b/c the following Wednesday I've got a 15 minute group presentation on Down Syndrome, and my major paper due (which, no, I have not started).
#1. I hate group work. I'd rather write a 20 page paper by myself. I'm just sayin'.
#2. I didn't pick the topic.
#3. The groups were assigned. Love that. Luv it. Oh---did I just do the whole project by myself & you guys condescendingly read slides to our classmates, as if they cannot read themselves, and as if you know what you're even talking about? Great. {Okay, here I am just rambling on about PREVIOUS EXPERIENCES with group work. Maybe this one will be different, right???!!!} Can I have an A, please?

Okay. I'm done studying for tonight. More tomorrow, and then a last-minute cram it all into my brain session on Wednesday morning.
Let the good times roll.

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At 8:05 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck! I started gathering suitcases and making lists today. 84 days until we leave. . .Oh and my sis got a new puppy who is adorable! I will be thinking about you on Wednesday. Call me when school dies down a bit! Give the fam some love for me! MLW

At 8:10 AM , Blogger Shoeaddict said...

I hate group work, too. HATE.

At 9:13 AM , Anonymous mama2roo said...

when I was getting my MSW, EVERY project was a group project. Me and my girls chose our group early in the program and stuck with it whenever possible. Once, we had a lapse of reason, and thought "we're getting too clique-y, we should branch out." BIGGEST mistake ever. We immediately reinstated our group for the next project because everyone else pissed us off too badly!
I am feeling your pain!

At 9:15 AM , Blogger kim-d said...

Another one checking in that hates groups. HATE here, too! I always, always, always get stuck with the ones who truly know NOTHING and think I'm going to teach them in addition to doing all of the group work. Um, no.

I feel your pain on this; you know I do. I'll be sending out some good thoughts to you tomorrow.

My thoughts were also with you, and also with Masyn, a few days back on your "two years." I will never forget.

At 11:39 AM , Blogger Pregnantly Plump said...

Here's hoping your test and group work goes well. I will have to change careers when I go back to work and I so do not want to go back to school for that change...


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