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Monday, July 13, 2009

Book/Movies. Books to Movies...

Okay, so I have some thoughts to share.
And---spoilers, only because I have thoughts about these things.

We'll start with this book...

I read this years ago. When it was new.
I got caught up in it---thought it was a page turner, and couldn't wait to know the whole story. My mom---not so much. She wasn't that into it.

Now, it's been some years since I read it, and to be perfectly honest, I couldn't remember the ending. So....when I saw the movie in the Video on Demand listings, I decided to give it a whirl.

So, perhaps the movie has a different ending than the book. Like I mentioned, I can't remember.

Something in ME has changed. I have a whole new perspective on this story. I am now the mother to a little boy.
Perhaps in the book, you can shut out the fact that a grown-ass woman is intimately involved with a 15 year old child---but in the movie---there it is. Right there. On the screen. Everything about it felt odd, and wrong, and inappropriate, and sad, and sick. I just wanted to slap & shake Kate Winslet! {not that she did a bad job acting, because the acting was great}....

I just think---if I could change ONE THING about that whole story, I would make the boy 18 or 19 years old. I would just change that one thing & I think I would feel better about the whole thing.

And another thing....
My Sister's Keeper.
Seen the movie? I haven't. I read the book:

So...if you haven't read the book, I'm warning you---spoilers here in my opinions.
In the end---as parents, you let a person with a KNOWN SEIZURE disorder drive your child around!? As a parent, I just couldn't. I just couldn't risk it. My personal thoughts on it here. Not trying to discriminate against people with seizure disorders...I'm just sayin'....I wouldn't knowingly let Gage ride in a car being driven by someone who has seizures like that., Anna's been the victim, and now she's on life support, etc.
Didn't take them long to pull the plug. I'm just sayin'. Countless hours were spent pouring energy & soul into Kate, and they all fought, fought, fought for her to live. Poor Anna. "Oh, she's done. Pull the plug. Harvest her organs, and do it now!"
Just all seemed a little....quick to me.

AAAAND: I hear that the movie ends differently than the book. I hear that they don't kill Anna in the end of the movie.

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At 11:07 AM , Blogger lisa said...

I’m glad you said that about My Sisters Keeper because I was thinking about reading it, but can’t really handle a sad ending like that. And if it makes it any better, I think the actor had to wait until he was 18 to shoot the love scenes with Kate Winslet.

At 11:54 AM , Blogger Beth said...

I haven't read the bork or seen the movie, but I heard that they changed the ending entirely. I hate it when they do that! usually the book is SOOOOOO much better than the movie, ya know?

At 4:07 PM , Blogger Mandy said...

I recently read Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult and the ending is similarly sucky and dissappointing after a long legal battle. Although I did read vanishing acts and it was pretty good, and nineteen minutes.... Change of heart by her was so bad I couldn't even finish reading it, which was pretty much a first for me!

At 3:03 PM , Blogger Kate said...

I still want to punch Jodi Picoult for the ending of that book. It's been a few years and I still want to do it. BAD(ly). It was just so annoying. She toys with your emotions and then takes the ending and twists it to suit her purposes, almost just to mess with you. ARGH! And I really didn't like how fast the family was to pull the plug, either. Whatever their conflicted emotions and motivation, I didn't buy that they would think, Bingo! Organs! Yay! Problem solved! without a second thought.

At 12:23 PM , Blogger The Martinez Family said...

Hey Brandi-this is totally non related to this post but I just couldn't find your email and I wanted to write you back after the comment you made on my post a while back. I really appreciated your words of compassion and kindess as well as the information about the website. Stevie and I have been blessed to be surrounded by compassionate people like yourself. Thanks again :0)


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