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Monday, July 27, 2009

Lazy Daisy....

Well, I would love to say that I had a Lazy Daisy weekend---but I didn't.
I DID have a Lazy-Daisy yesterday. I should have done my school work, but I didn't.
Instead, we watched The Guardian & Goonies. And we started watching Seven Pounds. I took a super-long bath & read my book! {The Help....I've had it for about 1 week & I'm 12 chapters into it. I love it!}

Fell asleep on the couch, for 2 hours.
That like NEVER happens.

Got new glasses over the weekend.
Ate Mexican food for lunch Saturday.
Panda Express for dinner Saturday.

We had a FIRST this weekend: Gage got his FIRST set of real Legos.
Oh my goodness---I couldn't believe how expensive these things have gotten. And they're so much cooler than they were when I was a kid. I'm just sayin'....

We babysat my Mother in Law's dog over the weekend. He's perfect!

So, I've got a test on Wednesday. A test that I have NOT even started studying for.
But---my fortune inside the fortune cookie from my Panda Express dinner---it read, "Wednesday is your lucky day." So...does that mean I can forget studying & leave it up to fortune cookie luck????
I'm too anal retentive to do that....

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At 5:01 PM , Blogger Zephra said...

You know, I had a fortune one time that told me I cleaned too much. Fixed that issue.


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