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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I need a FireMan!

So, Gage loves to be a FireMan.
We've been working on "Call 9-1-1".
He likes to change the numbers....but I try to explain to him that we don't get to choose. It's assigned. It is what it is; it's 9-1-1.

So anyway. In the backyard, I pretend to call 911, and Gage pretends to answer from the fire station....He comes quickly, turns on the hose, and puts out the fire. He has a fireman hat, a fire truck, his own water-filled spray bottle that he pretends is a fire extinguisher, and access to the garden hose. Whatever the fire (provided it doesn't require foam) he's ready.

Yes, well, Gage uses lots and lots of water to put out the "fires."
Clearly, the chiminea was on fire.

My God, I love this child.



At 6:57 AM , Blogger for a different kind of girl said...

He is so adorable! He's also clearly doing a very thorough job!

I discovered that my kids had picked up on our 911 lessons when, more than once, a police officer showed up at our front door to determine what the emergency was! Apparently my boys thought some practice would make perfect!

At 11:02 AM , Blogger DramaCity said...

What an a.dor.a.ble fireman he is!!!


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