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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Honesty Tag... Random Things About Me...

So, I was tagged to list random things about myself.
...which, I do occasionally anyway....

1. My husband & I met in 2001. We got engaged in 2002, and married in 2003. We've been married for 5 years...

2. I love to blog surf - I am fascinated by the whole six degrees of separation thing....or is it 7 degrees? Whatever. I don't know Kevin Bacon. It is crazy to skip around various mom-blogs in this area, and then see how many people are connected in some way or another. A girl I went to high school with knows a sorority sister of mine, who knows someone who met my old Vice Principal's son's new wife. See, I've looked around in the ol' blogosphere. Not always commenting...just...seeing & reading!

3. I don't do facebook. I know everyone does it, but it just isn't something I am into. Maybe because I blog- I know lots of people do both, but I just don't. I don't facebook or myspace. I did look at facebook when I was over at Megan's house not too long ago.

4. I don't like to eat lamb. Hubby likes lamb chops with some mint sauce. Gross.

5. I am not that organized. Certain areas of my life are very organized. Other parts? ...mmm...not so much. I strive to live a very organized life with very organized cabinets & closets & containers for everything! But, that's not my reality.

6. I wish I could move into magazine pictures sometimes. Life looks so easy & perfect in those pictures, right?

7. My dream job: to be independently wealthy. (is that a job???) I'd like to just have a ton of money at my disposal, and no real obligation to do anything.
(where can I sign up for that???)

8. I love coming up with a theme for my son's birthday parties, and then just running with it! I look forward to his birthday more than I look forward to Christmas...or any other holiday, really.




At 12:46 PM , Blogger Ann(ie) said...

Same here. I don't do facebook or myspace either. I'm not sure how people have time for all of that, plus it's confusing and I don't really get what you do out there?? Blogging takes enough of my time. Do you twitter? I don't even do that.

At 2:11 PM , Blogger Life is Wonderful said...

Cute post....: )

At 1:34 AM , Blogger Chris H said...

Some interesting facts there! I too want tons of money... but then who doesn't? lol
I am very organised, right down to the closets! Sad git I am.

At 8:00 AM , Blogger mpotter said...

i kept getting invited by friends to do FB, and i don't either. maybe it's b/c i have 2 blogs and that's all i can do. MY blog suffers b/c i'm writing for littlebean- about weekly.

i'm also very much not organized. when i was teaching, my desk was atrocious! but i'm one of those "organized chaos" kinda people. i knew where every scrap of paper was... in which pile and all; i just had to dig to get it.

doesn't look good, but it worked for me.

but kudos to me- i uncluttered my tupperware cabinets.
only 3 more "junk" cabinets to go....


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