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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Greedy Gut Tries to Steal from the Salvation Army

So....have I mentioned how greedy my child can be?

He loves money. He loves to put it in his piggy bank, but then he wants more.
He loves to hold coins in his little hands. He already prefers quarters to pennies. He loves to hear the jingling when he has money in his pockets. Sometimes, we even have to change his pants so that he'll be wearing a pair of pants with know, pockets to hold money.

In the spirit of Christmas, I decided that Gage could put some coins in the bucket of the bell ringer outside the store. As we approached the storefront, I gave Gage some money. I began telling him how when we reached the bell ringer, he should put the money into the bucket, and say "Merry Christmas." He had the "Merry Christmas" part down. He dutifully put his coins into the bucket.

And then....

He wanted his money back.
He's not very tall, so he had to tip the bucket sideways to try to get the money out. The bucket fell. The bucket lid popped off. Money spilled out. And, my greedy gut son grabbed fistfuls of money while screaming "I wwwaaaaannnnttt it; I want da money." Picture my child on the ground, me kneeling with him, and the bell ringer, all of us going after the spilled money. Gage was trying to scoop up as much as he could, even though his hands were full of bills & coins. I was saying (rather loudly), "GAGE, IT'S FOR CHARITY! PUT THE MONEY BACK. IT'S NOT OURS. ONCE WE PUT IT IN THE BUCKET, IT'S GONE-GONE. THE BUCKET IS LIKE A PIGGY BANK." My explanation was not, finally, I resorted to, "I'll give you some more money!" We got the bucket money back in the bucket. I started digging in the bottom of my purse & rounded up nine cents for him. He toted that 9 cents all around the store. He talked about putting it in the bucket....and when we left the store, he wanted to put the nine cents in the bucket. Of course, I thought "great, here we go again!" The bell ringer encouraged us to give it another try (he was very grandfatherly). So we did....Gage made his nine cent donation at the end of the evening without incident.

Hats off to you Mister Bell Ringer.
And....for the rest of the Salvation Army....sorry my "Greedy Gut" tried to jack your bucket!

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At 7:09 PM , Blogger Don Mills Diva said...

Ha - that really made me laugh. Maybe Gage will be a Wall Street denzien one day!

At 7:37 PM , Blogger Reid said...

Oh. No. He. Din't.

You never cease to make me laugh! Poor you.

At 2:20 AM , Blogger Em said...

Thats hillarious!

At 2:55 AM , Blogger Kat said...

You had me in stitches. That is freakin' hilarious. My cousin used to be the same. If you needed exact change and wanted to exchange your bill for it he said no. We could not explain that it was the same value. He would sit on a pile of change and would not let go. Yay Gage!

At 7:46 AM , Blogger Stephanie said...

That is so funny!!!! You just started my day with a laugh!

At 8:22 AM , Blogger Pregnantly Plump said...

That's so funny! Oh that's great. I think that will definitely be a story to save for embarrassment later on.

At 10:12 AM , Blogger Zephra said...

Oh Lord how embarrassing. At least he got into the spirit of giving in the end.

At 11:27 AM , Blogger APRIL said...

I have a lil man just like that. We can't leave our change any where on a counter! If you turn the other way "it's Mine, I found it!", yet his twin brother, could care less about money!

What a sweet man to encourage Gage again to put the money in!

I enjoy your blog and will be back!

At 11:46 AM , Blogger Laura said...

Oh my! I can just picture it! Too funny!

At 12:53 PM , Blogger Beth said...

I'm sorry, but this is one of the funniest things ever!!!!

At 2:43 PM , Blogger Elaine said...

oh my gosh, i'm dying

At 5:24 PM , Blogger gmcountrymama said...

That was courageous of you to try the second time. Luckily you got a bell ringer with a sense of humor!I love your holiday pics too.

At 9:02 PM , Blogger Kila said...

I can totally picture my guys reacting like that at his age, LOL. Congrats to him for the second successful donation!


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