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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This is some BS. I'm going to yahoo to check email.
I see a little blurb of a story...
There is a picture of a guy w/ Barry Bonds' famous ball. The title that draws me in reads: I Can't Afford To Keep It.

So, my first thoughts are: What do you mean, you can't afford to keep it? You caught it. It was like a free ball from the game. You got lucky. How can you not afford to keep something that you got for free? WTF?

Here's a small excerpt from the yahoo article:
Bonds' 756th ball going to auction

By Janie McCauley, Associated Press Writer
August 22, 2007
SAN FRANCISCO -- No. 756 is going to auction. Barry Bonds' record-breaking home run ball will be sold online, and fortunate fan Matt Murphy figures to be a half-million dollars richer.

The 21-year-old New York man said Tuesday he had no choice but to sell the ball — several people told him he would be taxed on the souvenir just for holding on to it.

"It wasn't hard. It was simple math. I'm upset by the decision I had to make," Murphy said. "I wanted to keep it. I'm young. I don't have the bank account. ... It would have cost me a lot more to keep it."


To me---that just isn't right. A tax on that? That's bullshit. At the very least--that baseball player himself should pay it. You know his ass is making millions & endorsement deals...yada, yada, yada. The guy who caught the ball should either give it to Barry Bonds (b/c surely he'd want it....) or Barry Bonds should pay the taxes on it for the lucky guy who caught it.

Okay those are my opinions. And maybe my brain is all rainbows & sunshine about what SHOULD that so wrong? I think not.


At 6:49 AM , Anonymous ktjrdn said...

I thnk it's best for him to sell it now. He'll get the most money for it now. It's only going to lose value. Really, it'll be the last one of Bonds's career that is worth the most.

But yeah, the tax on the thing is stupid.

At 7:33 AM , Blogger Beth said...

I had no idea such souvenirs were taxed. Wrong, wrong, wrong...

We've got a bat of Joe Carter's here at home. The tax man has not come after us. Maybe things are different in Canada?

At 7:37 AM , Anonymous Tara said...

Yeah, that's totally ridiculous. But hey, that's America for you.

At 8:33 AM , Blogger zirelda said...

Who told him he was going to be taxed on it? How stupid is that?

I could use the cash though.

At 9:20 AM , Blogger Jenster said...

It's crazy to tax something like that!! Is that for real??

Though the fact he's going to make a buttload of money for catching a ball brings a bit of sunshine and rainbows, I think.

At 11:27 AM , Blogger Catizhere said...

I was wondering the same thing!
Did he fill out a form with his social security number on it when he left the stadium?? How would the tax-man know that THIS is "THE" Matt Murphy (cause, really? How many Matthew Murphy's can there BE in the world??)that caught Barry Bond's record-breaking ball?

It has NO value until it's sold so how can they impose a tax on it?

At 12:07 PM , Blogger Misguided Mommy said...

my husband and i have been angry over this since i read it last week...i think its total bullshit!!! BULLSHIT I SAY1

At 12:16 PM , Blogger Zephra said...

Not fair. You should not have to pay taxes on a ball unless you sell it and make money.

At 12:19 PM , Blogger shoeaddict said...

I agree. This is ridiculous

At 12:47 PM , Blogger Erin said...

I totally agree that being taxed on it is ridiculous. What sounds funny to me is, the guy is taking the advice of his friends? what about an accountant or tax attorney? what do they say? they would know the IRS code better than friends, unless his friends happen to work for the IRS.

At 9:53 PM , Blogger Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

total BS...

I think it's a bunch of crap...

sort of reminds me of what a tax attorney told us..

had Stanford relieved us of a 1.3 million dollar bill..
the IRS would have stepped in and charged us a "debt relief tax" b/c they consider it income.


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