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Monday, July 09, 2007

Old News: Our Tree Broke....

So, we have a ton of trees on our lot. Way more than we want or need. But...mature trees are nice....I could just stand to have a few fewer (how's that for funny wording?).... of our trees broke.

Can you believe that?

And the kicker---my car WAS PARKED there about a minute before Damon & Gage heard the crack & saw the tree break in half & fall.
That crap almost landed on my car!

...and given our extraordinary luck lately, I'm sure the car insurance would tell us to file on the home owners....I'm sure the home owners would tell us to file on the car insurance...somehow, I'm sure we'd have gotten screwed!

And sooooo....when the storm was over, Gage & I had fun playing outside while Damon did the Texas Chainsaw Massacre on the tree in the front yard...



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