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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tuesday 3/13...Scenic Drive...

So, on Tuesday, 3/13, we took a scenic drive through the Provo Canyon.
Originally, when we set out to Soldier Hollow, we had bad directions & ended up at the Slate County Juvenile Detention Center. Um....that wasn't it.

Then, we called & got more/better directions.
Soldier Hollow Guy: "Drive toward the canyon."
me: "the what?"
SHG: "the canyon."
me: "No I don't see anythinyg that looks like a canyon, but I'm from Texas. I wouldn't know a canyon if I were in one. When you say canyon, I think of two things: a large interchange of highways or the Grand Canyon. I see nothing that resembles EITHER of those things."
SHG: "Then just keep going straight. You'll know it when you see it. Call me when you get to the canyon."

So...of course, Damon & I were like, "WTF?" We went over a bridge...we're looking down to make sure it's not a canyon down there that we might miss.
"How does HE know that we'll recognize the canyon?"

And then we started seeing this...

[and I fully expected to see GIANT Teletubbies rush over the hill..."Eh-Oh"]

And then we knew...we were in the canyon!

He was'll know when you're in the canyon.

And there was a frozen lake in Provo Canyon...

It was just such a beautiful drive.

All of the rock formations were just HUGE...and I would look up at these mountains of rock & think back to my Earth Science class, and how I once knew what the different kinds were from just looking at pictures...and now, now that I would like to recall that information, it's just gone. I can't seem to find it anywhere in my brain!

But, I still enjoyed the drive...


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