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Saturday, March 17, 2007

No Patience & Thought Bubbles.

For some reason, I've had NO patience lately.

Even just now, I want to talk to a person at a certain company. Instead of company employees, I get the answering service.
Okay. It's okay. It's the weekend.

So she asks for my name. I give it to her.
"Is that with a 'Y' or an 'I'?"
thought bubble: does it really matter? I mean, seriously. Will it affect anything? who gives a crap? Just type it...whatever. GAH!
"And your last name is again?"
thought bubble: no, it's not "again." if you want me to tell you my last name, ask me to repeat it...but don't ask me like that. don't you know that I don't have any patience today?
"And what is this regarding?"
me: "oxygen."
"Oxygen delivery?"
me: "okay."
thought bubble: no, it's really not for oxygen delivery...yet. I need to ask some pricing info for someone else, but I am already going to have to explain the situation to the person on call when they call me I don't want to explain it to you, and have you ask me 25 stupid questions about it since it's a rather "unique" situation.
"Would you consider this an emergency?"
me: "No."
"So, do you want them to call you back today?"
me: "Well, I don't consider it an emergency, but if I have to call it that to get a return phone call TODAY, then yes...I guess it's an emergency."
"What's the patient's name?"
me: "It's not one of your patients. It's a new referral."
"Yes, but what's the name?"

...and here's where my thought bubbles start popping out of my mouth.
me: "It doesn't matter what his name is. I want to talk to someone about getting some PRICING on oxygen tonight."
me: "Do you want my callback number?"
"I guess."
And then I gave my number...

And then I got a call back from an IDIOT who quoted me a price that he pulled out of his rear end!
me: "Really? It cost that much?"
thought bubble: "So how much do I get back for 'pain & suffering' or 'wasted time' for dealing with you & your dumb question answering service?

See what I mean? Lack of Patience. I should be nicer. Or at the very least, a bit more patient.


At 4:29 PM , Blogger gmcountrymama said...

It seems lately that people are always asking for a name.
I went shopping for a couch a few weeks ago and as I walked in the salesman introduced himself then asked me my name. I said "Heidi?" and he said "Heidi who?". I said "I really don't know what buying a couch has to do with my last name". He said "If you need help I'll be over there" Of course he was probably saying to himself "what a Bitch!"


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