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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Gage was in his crib this morning...whining & sighing. He was sitting, not standing (which is unusual). He wasnt crying---there were no tears. He was sitting there, making this sound that was a cross between mimicking a cry, and a small cough---if that even makes sense. He had his little arms reaching up...his hands were opening & closing in that "pick me up" motion....his little nose was scrunched, and he had his little mouth open so you could see all 4+ of his teeth. And then, he called me a new name...."MomMom"

It was so cute & pathetic at the same time!
He was probably saying to Monkey (his crib-mate): "Hey watch this. I dont even have to cry for her to pick me up!"

His little face was similar to this....


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