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Thursday, July 20, 2006


Today...I wasnt super-productive work-wise. Oh well....some days are like that I guess.

Here's what I did get accomplished...
balanced the check book.
paid the electric bill.
ironed out a transcript issue (had to get Tulane to release my transcript b/c they showed an outstanding balance from years ago...had to fax proof that my balance was paid in full when I consolidated my student loan through another company....)
registered for Grad school classes. Woohoo!

Yes, that's right. I am going back to school.
I will be going 2 nights a week starting in the Fall.

So, yesterday I had Grad School Orientation.
Please tell me how the specific area of study & it's school can have my current address, but the school of graduate studies somehow REFUSES to update my address in their system. I mean, I applied THROUGH them, so I put my address on the application, as well as on the mailer I sent the application in. They sent my "official" acceptance letter to an address that I lived at FIVE years ago. And here's something else that baffles me---when they are requesting $$$ from alumni--they have my correct address & phone number.

So's the end of my day, and I've gotta run. Got to get home!


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