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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Table Time

Baby Gage is mastering table food...

His most recent new food: Red Beans & Rice. Loves it!

Baby Gage does NOT like balogna.
I was eating a sandwich the other day, and he is like a little lap-dog at your feet whenever you eat ANYTHING! Whether he's hungry or not--he wants a bite. He always wants to try new stuff.
So, I gave him a piece of balogna. He never even put it to his mouth. The feeling on his fingers was enough. He immediately started pfffff-ing with his mouth, and dropped the balogna. Well, it fell on his clothes--on his thigh. Well, he started whining & pffff-ing & trying to wipe it off of his clothes. He didnt even want it TOUCHING him. It was soooo funny!

So far...things he likes....
chocolate pudding (he's only had a couple of tiny bites...)
scrambled eggs
waffles (no syrup)
pancakes (no syrup)
blueberries (his favorite!)
cherries (not the skin, he only eats the fruity middle)
Veggie Puffs
Fruit Puffs
pork chops
pickled okra (surprising...)
most fruits...but he's not a big fan of pears for some reason
loves watermelon

Okay. I just realized...the list is getting very long. He likes a lot of stuff!


At 7:47 PM , Blogger CBM said...

Two of our table food staples for Ava during the learning stage were baked sweet potatoes (cooled and diced...I kept them on hand in the fridge for snack or restaurant outings) and fordhook lima beans (cooked and peeled, from frozen...not canned)--not the baby ones...too small to peel.


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