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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Welcome to Motherhood....

It's been a busy morning...but I still hadnt posted about the I found a small break in my day to do this...

Friday...Damon wasnt feeling very well.
So, then...that night, he started puking. What fun.
Let's just say, he had typical stomach virus symptoms.

Friday night...Gage went to bed...just like normal.
Saturday morning, I went to pick him up when he woke up...he didnt SMELL like my normal sweet little baby. He had puked sometime during the night in his crib. Then, he slept in it. He had crusty puke matted in his hair. Sorry for the gross details, but this is my life folks. Welcome to motherhood. And, I must be a mommy, because surprisingly--I wasnt absolutely disgusted. I just felt bad for him! And, obviously he puked during the night b/c it was dried in his hair, but I never heard a peep from him. He never cried or anything. And then of course, I immediately thought, "Oh gosh. How scary! Thank goodness he didnt choke on his own vomit!" (again, yuck, I know...)

So...I had to change his sheets, his clothes, etc. And oh what a surprise when I took off the diaper for a quick bath. Yummmmm....diarrhea.

Put him down for his morning nap, and off to the store for Pedialyte...which, he's a big fan of.

So...Saturday, Sunday, & Monday have been diarrhea days for Baby Gage. No more vomit though. So that's good. Fever on Saturday & Sunday. None noted for Monday. We're hydrating...he's still eating & drinking, and playing like normal. He was a bit clingy on Saturday & Sunday...more than normal...and wanted more cuddle time than normal...but still, he was happy & playing.

He's still got his black eye. We're in the green/yellow phase of bruising. It looks so icky.

What a silly expression on his face!

Cuddle & Hydrate time on Sunday......

He's a big fan of breakfast...
Toast & Scrambled Eggs...& yes, he will just rub it in his hair.

I love this little face!

His eyes are officially Hazel.

He prefers to chew on books rather than read them. He gets this funny little expression on his face (as above) & he scrunches his little nose. Here you can see his 4 teeth. Three are fully in, and one is still working it's way in. I think we're getting ready to cut a few more though b/c of the increased drooling, increased chewing on things (such as books...)

He's a big fan of going around in just his diaper. I used to hate it & think it was so white-trash. But I have to say this about it...there's just something about picking him up, and feeling his soft skin & sweet little body in your hands. Oh, it's just a great little feeling.

Sunday night...
I had a really hard night Sunday night. I went to bed...and my mind just started racing and going all over the place. And then, I couldnt stop thinking about Riley. I just could NOT seem to divert my thoughts to any other place. He was on my mind, and on my heart, and then I felt like someone was just sitting on my chest. I just felt so heavy and started crying, and then----for some reason, I just HAD to go check on Gage. So, I crept into his room, covered him with his blanket, and just watched him sleep for a bit. He sleeps all over his crib. He's a mover! He sleeps on his belly, with his knees tucked up under him & his little tooshie in the air. His arms---well, they're usually never in the same place twice! His arms could be just about anywhere...but that tooshie is up in the air 99% of the time when he sleeps.
So anyway..I went back to my bed, cried a little, turned the TV on & watched HGTV until after midnight. The whole Riley just hits you in waves, in random moments when you least expect it.

Then...around 4 Gage woke up. He had been really good about sleeping until at least 5:30 or so....but, he hadnt been feeling well all weekend, so he didnt take as much formula before bed as he normally does. So, Daddy fixed a bottle, and I changed his diaper, and then...I did something that I havent done in a loooong time. I brought Gage to bed with us. I gave him his bottle while he was laying in bed between me & Damon. He was SO tired. His head was on my pillow. He was on his back. His little arms were tired, so they were up on the pillow, to each side of his head...his little hands in relaxed fist (does that make sense??). I held the bottle for him because he was so tired. I was laying on my side, and his little feet were pressed on my thigh. It just felt so good to have him laying there with me...and him be so tired & sweet... It was just a good mommy-moment.

Monday....came to work.... worked.
Today's Tuesday. Came to work....I've been working.

Movie Reviews:
"16 Blocks"...cant really post. Didnt watch it. Damon got it & said it was "okay". The story didnt really impress me, so I didnt bother watching it.

"Hell's Kitchen"...see you later, Rachel. Do you think Heather & Rachel are lesbians & going to hook up after the show? Sarah---I'm so ready to see her go. When she intentionally made Virginia look like a liar, that was just not right. But, then again---strategy, strategy. She probably doesnt care if she looks good or not--she just wants to win. Virginia---can you believe how long she talked when putting Maribel & Rachel up for elimination last night...come on!

"Making the Band 3"...Aubrey--get some thicker skin. She's been my favorite...but stop crying so much!

And now it's time for....Random things about me!
1. I'm afraid of revolving doors. Dont like them. Never have. Will only go through one if there is not an alternate entrance.
2. I love to travel.
3. I'm just under 5 feet tall...but I round up to 5 feet.
4. If I ever get another dog, I want a pug.
5. I am wearing silver hoop earrings today.
6. I wore black flip-flops into work today. (then I changed shoes...)
7. My favorite color is green.
8. I have Godiva chocolates in my desk drawer.
9. I have never (to the best of my knowledge) worn white shoes after Labor Day.
10. My highschool mascot was the owl. (Hoot Hoot)

I saw something funny over the weekend. Well, gross & funny.
I was driving home from the grocery store, and turned in my neighborhood to go home in a round-about way, rather than take the direct route. Anyway--there was a planter in someone's yard. It was a dog bent over, like his head was going into the ground in a hole or you just see his backside sticking up. His tail curled up, and right where his hiney-hole would be, was a hole with flowers growing in it. It was so gross & funny. Like you couldnt help but look at it. And then I thought, "Who in their right mind would want that in their damn yard?"

Okay...I've posted a lot today.
I'm outta here!


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