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Monday, June 26, 2006

Update from the weekend....

On Friday Gage had his 9 month check up. Thank goodness---no shots. He did get his little toe pricked & we discovered that he is NOT anemic. He's also developmentally advanced. He's above 70% in all of his measurements (I'm at work right now, and dont have the paperwork with me....).

On Friday afternoon we took him to the park for the very first time. And---I am THAT mother...what? We are THAT family...that family that goes to the park in all matching outfits. And guess what---it was NOT planned if you can believe it. We each wore a white top with khaki shorts. Obviously one of us dressed Gage...but it wasnt an intentional move to dress him in khaki & white. It just kind of all worked out that way.... the park....

Then we went to Tyler for Jessica's wedding (David is my mom's husband, and Jessica is his neice). Anyway---Jessica was sooooooo beautiful, and sadly, I have no pics of her from the wedding b/c mostly I missed it. Gage didnt really want to be quiet in the church so we had to excuse ourselves. I will just have to trust that they are really married---I missed it all. are very FEW pictures from the reception...

Gage slept through it (above) and he poked his little fingers through his blanket at some point (below).

And then on Sunday...Baby Gage tasted people food. Apparently...according to the pediatrician...he may be hesitant with his baby food b/c he may be bored with it.
So, he loves pork chops with rice & tomatoes. He does not like anything vanilla flavored. He does not like lettuce or cheese or green olives. He reeeeeally does not like pea baby food.

How sweet is this? He still finds his thumb every now & then...

And of course, Baby Gage likes strawberry cake!

Thanks for my birthday cake, Mamasita!


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