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Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Rating System...

Okay, I have a problem with movies these days...

I went to Blockbuster on Friday night for a movie.
Seems to me, you cant find rated movies anymore...they are all the "UNRATED" versions. What's the point in having the rating system, if those rated versions arent going to be available to me?

And as a parent---I'm going to rely on the rating system.

In the future--I dont know how fun it's going to be to even take Gage to the video rental place. I mean, there are all kinds of movie covers that are....not appropriate for children...and will fuel LOTS of questions. For example: American Pie Band Camp dvd case. Let's boasts that the main girl on there is Gynger something-or-another, a porn star...oh, I'm sorry: former porn star. It also features a shower scene pictured on the dvd case with little black "censored" boxes over the breasts of the 3 featured females. Oh, and you can guess: it's the unrated version.

Seriously: what's the point of having the rating system anymore?

The 40 Year Old Virgin: only offered the unrated version.
Hostel: only offered the unrated version.
American Pie Band Camp: only offered the unrated version.
Date Movie: only offered the unrated version.
Wedding Crashers: only offered the unrated version.

Were the rated versions shown in theaters??? I dunno...

Which led to a conversation between my husband & I...
Damon: "Pretty soon they're going to be showing full nudity on regular TV." (meaning not cable or dish...)

Okay...(1) Was that a wish, or truly your thinking? & (2) It will only be fully nude women b/c that's the way it is. Nude women are somehow acceptable--but you show a fully nude man & it's got to be NC-17... (I really dont know how true that statement is..I'm just saying it seems that way.) So sexist.
Not that I'm pushing to see a lot of naked men on tv or in movies...but I know that a lot of naked women on tv can make a lot of us women feel uncomfortable, not attractive, etc. I think it's only fair that if you offer the eye candy for the men, thus in turn making some women feel crappy...that you should offer the eye candy for the women & make some of the men feel the same way. Or, to avoid anyone feeling bad---keep the nudity out.

Ugh. Okay I'm done for my rant.
Points being these: bring back the ratings--nix the the unrateds, and make male & female nudity ratios equal.
There, I've given my $0.02.


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