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Friday, June 16, 2006

Busy, Busy....

Okay, on Wednesday I was at work, and I got a phone call that Damon had been in an accident.

He was taken to Baylor Dallas, and then later released that night.
Thank goodness!

Yesterday I had to drive out to the tow place where they'd taken his truck. It didnt look as bad as I thought, but apparently that's because when the car hit Damon in his truck---their car went UNDER his truck, and the majority of the damage is underneath. I guess that's what happens when a little bitty car hits a big tall truck....

Luckily, the other couple is okay. They walked away.
Damon went to the hospital but was later released.
And now, we're all just sorting out the details, and Damon is soooooo sore. Bless his heart....

And, the way that they had the truck sitting at the tow place, these were really the only pictures that I could get. Now it's been moved to some other place for an estimate...etc.

Oh, what fun.


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