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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Happy Wednesday....

Happy Wednesday morning.

I'm tired this morning b/c Damon & I were up late talking. It all ended well....

Here's stuff to mention....
On Monday evening---Gage took his FIRST STEPS with no assistance from furniture or mom & dad. He took his steps independently!! Of course, since then, he doesnt really seem interested in walking on his own anymore....

This morning, on the way to work, I heard the "Drop It Like It's Hot" song. It ALWAYS makes me think of Susan. So, Susan---that's officially your song in my book.

Dad took my car yesterday & worked out the battery issue. I got to drive his car home. I call his car "Super Fly". It's a teeny-tiny white hatch-back with limo-tinted windows (we call it limo-tint b/c it's soooooooooo dark). So, the car looks like a little fly. Man, I was zip-zipping around in that thing. It really moves!
Anyway...met him over at Pop & Gammy's & had a light dinner with them.

Oh, and Dad gave me my birthday gift. It's the most beautiful D&B purse that I wanted. I'm loving it. Carrying it today.

If anyone is expecting an email from me today---you may just have to wait. I cant get into yahoo right now for some reason....

Supposed to be having a disaster drill today at work. Those always suck!!!!!!
(they help us in regard to preparedness....but not much fun to work through them...)

Movie Reviews:

The Chronicles of Narnia: loved the books as a child. So, I expected to love the movie. Instead, the memories of the story in my head were better than somebody else's version of the story.

Memoirs of a Geisha: didnt finish it. Couldnt really get into the story, and Damon was watching it w/ me. He was reeeeallly not into it, so we just turned it off. I have to say though, from the 30 minutes or so that I saw, it looks like a lot of hardwork went into making the movie (I.E. the scenery, the costumes, etc....)

LeDivorce: I love Kate Hudson. I have yet to finish this--but I think overall it's a pretty interesting movie.

Book Review:
"...something falling on white snows"....something like that. I'll have to get back with you on the exact title.... Anyway. I cant keep going w/ reading this. Imagine a whole group of the women that you love the most: your sisters, mothers, & best girlfriends. Now, imagine every terrible thing that you dont want those women to go through: loss of a child, rape, abuse, etc. Well, every chapter is about some horrible thing that has happened to each of the women. was NOT a stress-free easy read. It was just sad & not what I need right now for entertainment.

The Apprentice is over.
Little disappointed, but whatever.

New show we like to watch: Hell's Kitchen. We like it.

Oh, and also, I am now watching the show, The Hills. LC was my favorite on Laguna Beach, which I became addicted to while out on bedrest. So here's what I have to say to LC: what the heck were you thinking sneaking your friends into that party, and then letting them sit where they were not supposed to sit. You are so going to blow it with your internship....and that little blonde roomie of yours. She's going to bring you down. Dropping out of school....she's a brat of an employee. She really needs to discover that you have to crawl before you walk, and if you want to be an even coordinator, you have to put in your time doing the grunt work. You dont just get to jump in & coordinate an event. And, even if they did let her do it---she wouldnt have a clue!

Okay, that's it.


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