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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Head Shots.....

No, I'm not talking about photos...
Today was another day to get shots in my head.
It freaking hurts!

So this morning, I was blow drying my hair. Damon asked me about my dr's appointment. I told him that I was going to get checked, but I didnt think I needed any more shots.
He pointed out a spot at the crown of my head.
Um...I didnt know that was there. He's taller than me, so he's seen it for the past 2 days, but said he didnt want to tell me because he wanted to make sure it was a spot, and knew that it would be upsetting to me.
Here's the deal: I have this condition, I cant change it, I cant take it away. It still nauseates me to the see the spots, but I dont cry when I find them anymore.

So, I started checking my head. I have 4 new spots.

Crown of my head:

Small one on the right side:

And two on my left side that are connected; the one on top is larger than it appears b/c in the picture, some of my hair is swept over the spot:

So....lots of shots this morning.
Sucks to be me today.


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