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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Happy Tuesday.'s Tuesday.

Last night after work we did a little yard work. Oh, what fun.
It's so hard to do yardwork with a baby at home. It's like you have to take turns getting out there b/c the baby needs to be watched or entertained.
Luckily, yesterday he was content for a while in his jumper with a bottle of juice & Cheez-it crackers.

Here's Damon...working on the sprinkler system...

Here's Baby Gage on the back patio....

Then of course we watched "Hell's Kitchen". We're addicted to that show.
I cant believe that girl Sarah is so sneaky & let Virginia take the heat when really Sarah was lying. I hope that Chef Ramsay watches the darn video replays & calls her on it.
Ugh! And Tom...I was soooo ready to see him go.

Young & the Restless: what's going on with Victor? Brain Tumor? Dementia/Alzheimer's? I'd be sooooo mad if I were Nikki...walking into Gina's & he's all hugged up with Ashley toasting after selling his portion of the company out from under Nikki....oh, I'd be so mad.
(Yes, sadly, I keep up with this stuff.....)
I'm glad that I PVR it though, b/c then I can watch an hour long episode in less than 30 minutes. I skim a lot of it & get to skip all of the commercials. It's not like I devote 5 hours per week to Y&R.

Okay...gotta run!


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