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Monday, March 27, 2006

Thanks for the JEANS!

This part of my post is for my Mamasita:
Thanks for my blue jeans that you got me for Christmas.
Guess what. They're too big!
So much so, that I have to fold the waistband down to still wear them.
And, I'm fitting into my old jeans now. Woohoo!
So Mom--I took this picture for you in the jeans you got me so you can see how big they are. And, the picture is all weird b/c I took it myself & just hoped to get my waist in the picture. (Looks like I barely got the jeans in the picture!)
And for everyone else--here's what a belly looks like 6 months postpartum.

And of course, I have other pics from the weekend...
On Friday..this is what I came home to... So sweet!

Baby Gage fell asleep in Daddy's arms. Oh, so sweet!

And...on Friday after his nap...he was full-on teething. The drool...the chewing--on everything! But still--a happy boy!

You can see how wet his little chin is...

Here's Baby Gage as we entered the room...he was just letting us know that he was awake from his morning nap on Sunday....

Look at him pulling up in that crib. I think we're going to have a climber on our hands.
...and on our furniture...
...and on our countertops...
...and up in trees....
My boss & I hosted a staff meeting yesterday for the weekend staff.
I got some groceries after that.
Did my nails & watched TV...
Watched Desperate Housewives & enjoyed it.
Recorded Sopranos to watch later... But, Damon watched Sopranos & said he was/is totally disappointed in the last 2 episodes. I was disappointed in last week's episode, so I tuned into Desperate Housewives instead. Sopranos really better pick up.
Grey's Anatomy--rerun. Been there, seen that.

Movie Reviews:

JarHead---good. Parts of it were *very* hard to watch.

My Date With Drew---Thank goodness I didnt go to a theatre to see that movie. It was so awful. Concept: this guy gives himself 30 days to try & get a date w/ Drew Barrymore & make a movie out of it. After watching days 1-...about 3...we just fast forwarded to the end to see if he actually got a date w/ Drew. So flippin' stupid.
I cannot express what a true waste of time that movie was.

New Harry Potter...sadly, I have not finished it. It is really good though. It's a time issue, not so much a movie-quality issue.

That's about all for now.


At 4:48 PM , Blogger CBM said...

We rented a movie this weekend that I bet you would enjoy -- A Lot Like Love, starring Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet. It's kind of a more modern When Harry Met Sally sort of story. Actually DH suggested it b/c the Sports Guy (espn columnist) said if you have to watch a chick flick with your wife, this one was not bad. DH enjoyed it too, so I guess the Sports Guy was right!


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