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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Okay, I have not blogged in a bit....& a lot has happened since then....

Let me just start by informing everyone that I am pumping at work right I am typing just w/ one hand... this is going to take me forever!

Had a weird dream Friday night. None of it made sense....But feel free to come up with your own dream analysis: I was home, Damon was home, & Gage was home. We were all in our beds sleeping, when I heard something at the door. So...I went to see what it was {which totally doesnt make sense b/c I am the biggest weenie, and would send Damon to answer the door if someone were there in the middle of the night}. It was a little boy, about 3 or 4 years old, in feetie pajamas. So, I studied everything about him to make sure it wasn't Riley. wasnt Riley. The little boy told me that he lived nearby, but was somehow separated from his parents. This little boy was cute & sweet...but something was kind of creepy about him---so I touched him to make sure he was real, & I woke Damon up to make sure he was real. So, we started to try & figure out who he was...who his parents were, etc. And then he sat down in my entry-way, and started eating the matches out of a box of matches. So I tried to make him stop & take the matches away---but suddenly he was as strong as a grown man! The next thing I know, I'm at some kind of kids camp, and I have to go through all of these different tasks before they will tell me who the parents are of this kid... So, I wrestled an alligator. They told me that if I wrestled an alligator, then they would reunite the little boy with his parents. So, I did it.

How weird is that????

Movie Reviews...
"Flight 93"...very good, especially for a made-for-tv movie. But...the whole time you hope that the passengers win & survive, but you really already know how it ends. And of course--I cried & cried. There was this one part where a girl calls her mother to say goodbye...Oh My Goodness. I couldnt imagine Gage ever calling me & going through that whole situation. I mean--what would I say. Damon & I had to pause the movie & just talk about how hard that would be.Ugh...hard, hard, hard.

"Herbie Fully Loaded"...not finished w/ it yet. Pretty cute for a kids movie.

"FlightPlan"...loved it.

Update on my hair: didnt get it cut. I'm normally one of those people who does hair stuff on a whim. Well, over the weekend, I almost got it cut twice, but changed my mind both times. So, it's still long & dark.

I used to work PRN for Baylor, I think I am going to work PRN for an Agency that staffs at various hospitals. Woohoo. I'll still keep my full time job of course.

And Now, it's time for Baby Gage!

He sits up...briefly...but he does it!

He still likes standing the most.

He still loves eating....

He's still the cutest Little Longhorn you've ever seen...

And yesterday, 1/31/6, he found his feet! And they just crack him up! He found his left foot with his left hand, & then both hands. As he was bending over to put his foot in his mouth (sock on, of course), he wiggled his toes. That just made him laugh & shake his little head. His hands immediately let go of the foot--and then he'd do the whole thing over again! He thought it was so funny!!!

Funny, Funny, Feetsies!!!


Oh, and I'm down to 118 pounds. Woohoo! Damon has lost 10 pounds. I'm so proud of him. He's been great about his eating, and up to a mile and a half on the treadmill.

That's all I know for now....


At 11:01 AM , Blogger CBM said...

My non-professional analysis of your dream:

The boy represents Riley. And eating the matches represents the terribly dangerous things kids can do in their innocence, or more specifically what happened to Riley. And your not being able to stop him from eating the matches respresents the fact that sometimes we can't control what happens, even as much as we try. You long to reunite Riley to his parents. If it were as "simple" as wrestling an alligator to do it, you absolutely would.

At 4:42 AM , Blogger hppytchr said...

Gage is so cute and growing so fast! Yea! for you and Damon on your goals! I love reading your blog and keeping up....


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