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Sunday, February 26, 2006

To Stay Out of the Dog-House...

I told Damon that in order to stay out of the doghouse, he cant:
-cheat on me
-leave me

My Uncle Glynn died on Thursday morning, and my Aunt Loraine is just beside herself. So, I told Damon that he's not allowed to die.

What happened? Well, Uncle Glynn was 70 years old. He had a history of heart problems...but his last major heart trouble was about 15 years ago. Anyway, on Thursday morning he went for his morning jog, and after returning to the house, he apparently just collapsed. Likely a massive MI.

So, Thursday, I left work & went to the grocery store. Got salad stuff & Damon started cooking a lasagna & garlic bread. I stopped by the florist to get some flowers for Aunt Loraine so that they would be there by the time she got home from the hospital & funeral home. Took the food over about 2, and she still wasnt home yet. Played with her grandkids who were there, and talked to my cousin, Carrie. The troops were rallying & everyone was on their way in. We ate lasagna, and I got to see mom for a little bit.

Went to work on Friday...busy work day. Ordered funeral flowers.
Damon cooked enchiladas to take over.
After work, went back to Aunt Loraine's and ate...then we went to the visitation at Williams Funeral Home in's a new building....built right in front of my old house. And boy, they really did an awesome job with that building. It is so pretty and so nice inside.

Saturday, was supposed to work @ Baylor Garland...but didnt. Had the funeral instead. Went to that...It was at Trinity Lutheran...the church where I was baptised, and where my parents were married. It's funny b/c I remember going there as a little girl, and the whole place seemed soooooo huge. Now that I'm older & a little doesnt seem so large anymore.

Anyway...did that.

Now, it's Sunday & I'm working. (wink, wink....)

What else? Baby Gage is just as precious as ever. He lights up my whole life!

Oh--Friday night....we had terrible storms here. There was thunder & was Gage's first big thunderstorm. He was so scared!!! When the thunder got so loud, it woke all of us. Gage just started screaming & crying & it took a little bit to get him to calm down. He came to our bed to sleep with us. Finally the storm passed over, and he was calm, so Damon put him back to bed. But, it was new & different for him.

Movie Reviews:
Saw II: pretty good.
Skeleton Key: awesome. It was scary/suspenseful, but I liked it!
The Bad News Bears: cute..funny.
In Her Shoes: in progress. I like Jennifer Weiner I knew that I'd like this movie. So far, I love it.

My cousin, Nicole, is pregnant again. She & Karl have one son, and he's about 8 or 9. And now, she's pregnant. They arent planning to find out the gender..they want a surprise. And---the new baby is due on Gage's birthday!

That's about all I know for now.
It's been a long week/weekend.
I think we're supposed to go to Ramona's next weekend.


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