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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I love Baby Gage!

Gage now has his own toon too.

He's such a sweet boy!
Monday night, he spent the night @ MIL's (Mother-in-law's). It was a nice break, and we got a little housework done. We had a great dinner, and watched Grey's Anatomy (recorded from Sunday night). And...I had some was sooooo good. But, we missed him.

So, yesterday after work, I went home, and Baby Gage was home, and all was right in the world again.

FIL (Father-in-law) came to visit. He had to be at a bid opening today about an hour away from our house--so he spent the night.

Pictures from last night....

Baby Gage in his Bumbo seat. He'll sit there for a while...and he'll eat there too. But mostly, he just wants to stand up...

He still loves that walker....He cruises all over the house in that thing!

He's found his tongue. He loves his tongue. He sticks it out all of the time, and it is so funny & precious to watch!

And...finally....a picture of my new sink faucet:

Damon & FIL installed it last night, and replaced all of the pipes under the sink. Our sink faucet was dripping a they thought they could just replace the faucet. Funny--but things at our house are never that simple. Turns out, a pipe broke underneath the sink, and they had to replace those pipes with PVC pipes... Then, the replacement PVC pipe was/is cracked. So, my poor husband has to go back to Lowe's today to get a little U-shaped pipe to connect to the disposal. So, the sink works-the faucet works-most of the pipes work. We just cant run the disposal right now until he replaces that one pipe.

Oh--my Jeep-Jeep is in the shop getting fixed. I thought I just needed a new bumper. Turns out, b/c the car that hit me was much smaller than my car, he ran up under my bumper & jacked up a bunch of other stuff. They've had my Jeep since Monday, and it should be done today.

In the meantime, I've been driving a Hyundai (spelling???) Sonata. It's a little 4-door car. It had only 66 miles on it when I got it....and less than 1/2 a tank of gas. I've been driving it since Monday morning, to & from work & running errands. I'm STILL not out of gas! I've got a quarter of a tank left. I'm so not used to this great gas mileage. And, I've just enjoyed the sh*t out of this little car! I told Damon that if it came with leather seats, I'd totally drive one! (the seats in there are really ugly...or the upholstery on the seats is...)

Got Tristan's birthday gifts...they'll be mailed to him:

It's a remote control jet plane.

I was going to get him a set of SpongeBob sippy cups...but he's turning 4, and I think he might think those are too baby-ish. This cup has a straw.

That's about all I know for now.
My husband is doing well.
My baby boy is perfect...
And I'm doing well.

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