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Saturday, February 18, 2006


Happy Belated Birthday, Trystan!
His birthday was yesterday. He's 4 years old!

Tiff told Mom that they were having a small birthday get together last night for him, and are going to have his birthday party in March.
I guess it's fitting since the weather is sooooo crappy here right now.

Went to Target yesterday after work. Jamie met me there.

Came home...had fish for dinner...
wathed movies with Damon.
"The Man"'s okay. Parts are really are just stupid. I seriously though had thoughts of the movie, "Training Day" in the beginning. Then, he reused the lines from "Pulp Fiction" about a "tasty burger". Okay---"you've got to come original!"
"Saw 2"...we started that & then went to sleep.

We turned in around 10:15. Baby Gage had a rough & tumble day he was asleep before 7! He woke up again @ 4:45, diaper change & dining....then back to sleep at 5:15. He slept until after 8. Woohoo!

Working today from 12 to 12...then working tomorrow from 12-6.

Oh, while @ Target last night, I got Baby Gage some little leather shoes. They are so cute.

He's been going around in his walker, and getting his little socks all dirty (no matter how I try--I cant keep the hardwood floors clean enough. I just cant).
So, these slip on easily so he wont ruin tons of socks or the footie parts on his little romper outfits.
And---because they have pictures on them, he loves to stare at his toes, and tries to get the little dogs off. It's so cute.

I've had a great morning...slept until 8....uuuummm....& then Damon made me blueberry waffles from scratch. Yuuuum! And, he ironed my clothes for work.

That's about all I know for now.


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