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Thursday, February 16, 2006

"Friendly Fire"

Okay, I was listening to the radio, and heard this story about cops & this domestic violence situation....etc, etc. One of the cops was shot during "friendly fire". now, call me crazy---but if I get shot...nothing friendly about it. It's a bullet, fired from a gun. I just think that they could have come up with a better term to mean that you got shot by one of your own guys on accident. "Friendly Fire" just doesnt seem to fit in my opinion.

Next topic: songs that you hear that just automatically make you happy. For me, one of them is "Cecilia" by Simon & Garfunkle. Love it. Just puts a smile on my face. Heard it this morning on the way to work.

Damon went to get our taxes done today. Oh, what fun. Thank goodness it is me & not him.

My car is going into the shop to get fixed with a new bumper next Monday morning.
They will give me a rental for the day. I requested a 2 seater Jag, but we'll see what I get. Probably a little "Aveo" or something. Whatever. It will be nice to drive something different for a matter what it is!

Itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow...floral...bikini--that's my goal to get into this year. Oh, let me rephrase that...that's my goal to look good in my yellow bikini this year. I'm sure I could get into may be stretched to the point of pornography, but I'm sure I could technically "get into" it. Anyway---that bikini is my fave. It's currently at Mom's house b/c there was no way in hell I'd fit into it last year, so I let her borrow all of my skinny summer clothes & swimsuits. And--Damon doesnt like my yellow bikini. It's my favorite! So, I'm going to keep working out, try to eat better, & look good in ANY bikini this year! I told Damon that we'll have to go swimsuit shopping together b/c he & I dont seem to like the same swimsuits. I had this one piece that I really was blue & brown from J.Crew....Damon hated that one too.

What else?
Gage slept through the night again. I got up with him @ 5:30 & nursed him. Put him back down @ 6, and he was asleep by the time I finished my bath.

Dad's supposed to get back from his trip today.

Mom & David are supposed to be getting a pool installed. I dont know when they will break ground, but I'm going to be there for the inaugural swim...hoping Damon will wear a speedo & flippers like Cousin Eddie from the movie, "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation".
Gosh, I love that movie.

Okay...gotta run.


At 5:23 PM , Blogger Debbie said...

The highlight must be the baby sleeping through the night.
AHHHH! that is the best thing ever!

At 7:25 PM , Blogger CBM said...

"Cecelia" IS one of the happiest songs ever!! ALWAYS makes me smile too...and bop around...

If you are figuring on wearing any bikini EVER, then you must not have the stretch marks I have! YEA FOR YOU!!! :)


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