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Friday, February 17, 2006

My $0.02's Friday.
I'm going to be working all it's not like I'm mega excited or anything. I'm pretty excited about the extra $ though.

Movie Reviews: "Lord of War"...very good. Parts of it are kind of hard to watch though. It's about a gun trafficker.

"March of the Penguins"...OMG. It is sooooo good. But---there were parts that I absolutely did not watch (a hawk or eagle was coming in, and I just know one of the baby penguins got eaten up...I knew it was coming,so I covered my eyes). Anyway--such is nature, and such is life. A mixture of good things & bad things. The movie as a whole was just awesome. Damon watched it with me. We both really liked it.

What else?
Oh, here's something else that truly makes me want to vomit.
The Schlosser woman who cut her baby's arms off.

I just cant even watch the news when stuff comes up about her & what she did to her baby. UUUUGghghghgghgh.

What else???
Oh---Baby Gage got a walker with wheels on it, and he has been cruising AAAAAAALLLL around the house.
He's so funny...he hasnt figured out yet that he can go backwards---so when he runs into a wall or closed door, he puts his hands up & cries until you turn him around. He LLLLOOOOOOOVVEES that thing! And, it's so cute to watch!


My $0.02 on the Cheney thing...Um, I'm over it. Did the guy die? No. Was it an accident? Sure. Is he the first person to be involved in a hunting accident? No. Someone said, "If I didnt have that $7 stamp--I'd be going to jail. He gets off because he's the vice president!" Well, just my two cents---but he should get some preferential treatment in some situations. (I.E....seated immediately at a restaurant...the chef comes out to meet him...a nicer room at the hotel...etc.) Should he follow the laws like the rest of us? Well, we would all think so.
so---here's my opinion: he should have had whatever little hunting stamp that he didnt have. Should he be punished for not immediately telling the world, "Hey---Americans, I accidentally shot my buddy"? I dont think so. Him shooting his buddy--that's between them. If I accidentally shot my buddy, and it truly was an accident, I wouldnt want to go running around telling everyone I know either.
So, I'm over it.

My favorite Bath & Body works lotion scent was Lily of the Valley...but they stopped making that one. Now, my favorite is...I think Sweet Pea. I love that. I put it on my hands this morning before coming into work. It smells so good!

Had Chinese food for lunch: cashew chicken. Yum. (Oh, except, I pick out the cashews. If I knew what they call the meal that is cashew chicken w/o the cashews--I'd order that. Since I like the flavor of the cashew chicken meal, I just pick out the nuts.)

I'm ready for today to be over.

I woke up at 3 this morning & had a hard time going back to sleep. I was still awake around 4, and then finally went back to sleep. Oh, and I had a really weird dream just before I woke up. Damon, Gage, & I lived in a loft in Deep Ellum. We were leaving to go somewhere, and Gage was in his carseat, Damon was in the truck, and I was locking the front door & getting into the truck when I realized that someone was breaking into our house. I got Damon, who went & confronted the burglars. It was Susan!!!! She had 2 other people with her, and Damon almost shot them, and the cops came. I was so mad & sad & cried & cried. I couldnt imagine why she'd do that to us. These two people she was with---they were "bored" & they thought that robbing someone's house would be fun. I'd talked to her earlier, so she knew we wouldnt be home. WTF? So then, in my dream, she was begging me not to tell David. I was so mad & upset, that I told her that I was going to tell her husband & her parents. I called her husband who was @ home asleep, and he said that he was on his way. Then, I called her parents. They couldnt figure out WHAT she was thinking, and then they handcuffed Susan, and I woke up.

Let me just say for the record---this was a dream, and Susan would never rob my house! ...I can just see the headline now, "Dallas Doctor Charged with Breaking & Entering & Burglary!"
Whatever...she's not the type!

I dont know much else.
took some pictures of Baby Gage in his walker, but forgot to bring the camera today to upload them. Will share later!

Have a happy Friday night!


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