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Friday, November 14, 2014

Zoo Time!

So, school was in session and the weather was still nice. A trio of us moms loaded up a trio of our daughters, and we headed to the zoo for some animal fun!
(Left to Right: H, E, & J)

It was fun. Lots of fun!
The girls then had fun playing in the water area.
You can see how they start out fully dressed and it just does downhill from there. Whatever....They loved it!

Then Eliette had fun trying to hand me water.
How cute is this!?!?

Oh, these kids had a blast.

After that, it was time to change into a dry diaper and clothes.
Ummmmm.....little problem....this mom didn't bring the extra clothes. %#$!
Oh well....
Baby still gets to ride the carousel.

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