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Friday, August 31, 2012

Let The Party Planning Begin.

I cannot BELIEVE that Gage will be 7 soon.


It's crazy insane how fast time flies... much he has grown and changed.
He is my world, and so naturally, his birthdays are HUGE in my world.

And, with all the IVF stuff going on....stuff going on with Hubby's work....just things being hectic and stressful, I have actually put off the planning and shopping a bit longer than I normally do. The fact that Gage is old enough now to have input on the party has played a part in that as well. He now cares about the theme, and changes his mind about the theme often.

We recently narrowed it down to Pirates or Sharks.

Sharks won..
{Naturally, because I saw all kinds of pirate booty at Target AND HomeGoods.}

So....let the shopping begin!

The invites:
 I ordered them on Etsy. That's a photo of the sample on my computer screen. Nice, eh?
I also ordered some of these...

And of course, he had to have this... then I ran to Dollar Tree to see if they had any beach buckets/pails leftover from Summer stuff.... Better yet, I found THESE in the laundry basket area!

These will be PERFECT to fill for the take-away-party-favors. They have rope for handles. Love 'em.

Gage is sooooo excited.
And----I got to have lunch with him at school today.

Happiness is...
...planning your son's SEVENTH birthday bonanza.
...surprising your son at school for lunch....and letting him eat ice cream during his meal rather than at the end! "Make sure you finish your ice cream." {Yeah, I said that today. He thinks I rock, and that's really all that matters.}



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