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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

School's Out for Summer!

Last Day of School, 2012!

Last Day of Kindergarten....Oh my goodness. I can't believe it. I mean---I CAN believe my child survived Kindergarten...I just can't believe he's growing so fast. I can't believe we're already finished with Kindergarten!

What a whirl-wind....

The morning of the last day of school....

After school....we gave the librarian the card he made for her and little gift just for her. He LOVED the librarian! So cute. For the Kindergarten teacher, we went in on the group gift from the class, but we just weren't sure that the librarian would get her due credit, so Gage made her a special card just for her. He's so sweet!

After school pics....

The sun was in his eyes, but he happily picked a flower for me. Sweet boy!

What did we do after school? We went to get snow cones, of course!

Then, at home, he showed me his final task of mastery for the Kindergarten year: drawing a star.
How cute is that!?

After that, we went to the pool. Let me just say that throughout 2 years of PreK, Gage had one girlfriend: "M." Well, Gage & M went to separate elementary schools. For a while in Kinder, Gage has had his eye on "T". Well, then came "M2". T was out, M2 was in, but you can't talk about it. He will certainly set you straight if you refer to M2 as his girlfriend. He gets embarrassed and then mad.

So...anyhow...on the last day of school, we went to the pool in the afternoon.... Gage was playing with another Kindergartener in another class. We'll call her "KK." I snapped this shot with my iphone....
He's recently asked me to set up a play date with him & KK. Well, on the last day of school when they were swimming, I asked him if he was into KK now. He said, "She's friends with {M2}, so it's complicated."

Holy crap. The teen years are going to be complicated. I can already feel it.

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That so made me giggle.


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