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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kindergarten Tea Party

Lucky me. I was invited to the Kindergarten Tea!

At Gage's school at the end of the year, there are several events packed into the last two weeks (it seemed). One of the events is the Kindergarten Tea, where they showcase their pottery.

I happily wore a dress and cute heels, and the lovely MOM necklace that Gage selected for me at Christmas time....

In fact----that morning, as I threw a wrap over my pajamas and was wearing flip flops in preparation for school drop off (thinking: Lord, please don't let me get a flat tire today!), Gage informed me that I needed to look a little better than I was looking at the moment when I arrived for the tea party. "Mommy, you need to wear some shoes that cost at least a hundred dollars." {Materialistic much???} His point was that I could not show up at his school in my pajamas and embarrass him. {Okay, kiddo. I got it.}

Oh! I also wore the bracelet he made for me. What a sweeeeeeetie!

Pics from the tea.... {where, no tea was served by the way. We drank Gatorade and ate goldfish off homemade pottery plates.}

That afternoon he got to bring his pet rock home. He was pretty excited about that.....

It was a good day....

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