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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Super Mom I Am Not. {The Unrated Version}

I may be a super mom, but I am by no means Super Mom.

I had a major cupcake fail.
Not only was my shit not homemade, it wasn't even present.
In the 11th hour, I though about whooping some ass at Tom Thumb as some other mom bought up all the cupcakes in the bakery section. Lucky for her---her children were present & I refrained.

Let me back up, mmmmkay?

So, it's the big Kindergarten Awards Day.
We were supposed to have a celebratory party in the room after the assembly. I was supposed to bring cupcakes. I purchased them the day before. They were perfect and had little graduation themed plastic topper things. {Yes, I know---not homemade, but with school rules and all....and me not being familiar with the rules about homemade treats because I didn't REALLY read the handbook like I was probably supposed to.... You see where I'm going with this, right?}

Well, the morning of the assembly was hard for me.

For some reason, I couldn't sleep. Since I was awake and it was like 5 or 6 something in the morning, I decided to run to Walmart for a needle, thread, and a button to mend something for Hubby. {Yes, I own needle & thread, but they are somewhere in the attic in my craft stuff because I haven't been particularly crafty since moving to this house.}

On my way to Walmart (because that's the only thing open so early in the morning), I see a man on the shoulder of the road. Car trouble. I am in the right lane. I try to get over to the left so that I make sure there is plenty of room between me & him. There was a car to my left. I couldn't. I slowed down. I was going slow enough that this man & I made eye contact. He probably thought that I was going to stop and help him---but I didn't. I couldn't. I'm a wife and mom, and it was dark, and I just didn't pull over to help a stranger on the side of the road. I just didn't. I slowed down enough to make sure I passed him safely, but I didn't just slam on my brakes. I could see the lights of an 18 wheeler behind me, and I hoped that he saw me brake so he'd be slowing down or changing lanes too.

The man on the side of the road: I passed him.

About a minute down the road I see a police/sheriff car throw on his lights and make a turn heading in the opposite direction....where I just came from. I instantly thought of that man on the side of the road. I hoped everything was okay, but I kept on with my task.

As I got back onto the highway after leaving Walmart, I could see more and more emergency crews there. The sun was rising, so visibility was better....and the highway was shut down.

As I passed the scene---I saw that the 18 wheeler behind me was involved in some type of incident there where the man was on the side of the road. I no longer saw the man....just emergency crews.

{Wow, this post has really taken a turn from where it was originally set to go....but then again, so did my day.}

I prayed for the man, and couldn't shake the situation----I had just seen him. I had just made eye contact with this man.

I got home. Mended Hubby's clothes. The family woke up. We were all getting ready for our day. I told Hubby about the accident, and how I hoped the man was okay. Hubby had the news on in the bedroom, and he told me that yes, the news reported that an 18 wheeler struck the man on the freeway. He died. I didn't even know this man, and I just cried and cried. All of this on the heel of Allen getting struck by a truck and dying. I just felt so bad for this man's family, and I felt bad for the man, and the driver of the 18 wheeler, and I felt bad for myself! So I just stood in my bathroom and cried.

But, I had to pull myself together for my baby's assembly.

In the hustle and bustle of the morning that started out with so much extra time---I found that we seemed to be running late! The traffic to get to school was cumbersome because of the highway being closed. I couldn't get frustrated about it. As irritating as traffic can be---someone's life just ended. There was family out there that probably didn't even yet know that their world was being turned upside down. So sitting in traffic was not the end of the world.

We made it to school. Gage looked very handsome.

We sat in the cafeteria waiting for the assembly to begin (because being on-time really means that you're about 30 minutes early so you can get a good seat). That's when I realized: I forgot the damn cupcakes!

I made a mad dash for the door. It was Operation Tom Thumb, and I was on a mf'in mission.
I hit the grocery store. Some other mother was there on her own mission: Operation Last Minute. That b*tch loaded up her cart with every pre-made cupcake in the bakery section. The only ones left for them to sell me were frozen. {no thanks.}
If I had really been smart, I could have tried to convince the other mother that instead of buying all of those cupcakes, she should just buy sheet cakes.
I wasn't really smart. I was on edge. I'd already spent my morning bawling, and my morning was fucked. What I needed were cupcakes and whooping ass and tearing off with her cart to the checkout were the first things on my mind.

....and then her children appeared.


So, I left empty handed.
Got back in my car. Cried, and returned to the assembly. Somewhere in there I called my mother. As if she could magically produce 24 cupcakes.... at least she could share in my misery.
{Pull it together: wipe that drippy mascara from your eyes, and move the hell on. they are cupcakes. Who reeeeeaaaallly gives a shit?}

Got back to my seat, and sat back to enjoy the assembly.
I have lots of pictures of the program and after party. But after reading this post, you will believe now that pictures don't really tell the WHOLE picture, now do they?

Pictures from the after-party {FYI: others brought cupcakes and saved my non-super-mom ass}.

So, in the end....things worked out for my family. The cupcakes I had were not missed. No matter what problems we faced that day---they all seemed huge in the moment, but small in the grand scheme of things, or when compared to what others were going through.

Gage was excited to get his yearbook that day, and he was excited about the oodles of awards he got. As were we! {An art award, a library award, the shoe-tie club, the computer club, a principal's award, the outstanding character award, a read-your-way-to-a-6-flags-ticket award... I think that's awesome!}

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At 10:07 AM , Blogger lisa said...

I think you are a Super Mom. Reading your posts are part of the reason that I bought a car with a back up camera. I'm sorry that that story had to touch your life too, but I'm glad that you didn't stop. {Big Hug!}

At 7:35 PM , Blogger Vagabond Baby said...

Looking at the smile on Gage's face and the love in his are a Super Mom!!


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