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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Indoor Swimming Party!

A few weeks ago, Gage was invited to an indoor swimming party for one of his little classmates.

Pics before the party, of my Too-Cool-For-You son. {Yes, he lets me know just how much cooler he is than me on a regular basis.}

At the onset of the party, they do a swimming test for each child. Though Gage passed the swimming test, he felt more comfortable wearing a life jacket when jumping off the diving boards....

Pics from the party...

I was SOOOO proud of Gage ultimately trying out the high-dive. He wasn't so sure about it at the start of the party, but he braved it, and LOVED it!
My baby's first high-dive experience:

{Yes, we immediately had a conversation about making sure that there is ABSOLUTELY nobody below you in the water when you venture off the end of the diving board. Ooops. Probably should have have that conversation sooner, but luckily, Gage didn't land on top of anyone! He didn't have a problem remembering that on the lower diving board, so I guess he just had so much on his mind waaaaaay up there that he forgot to look down!}

After that, there was no stopping him.

Gage had a BLAST at the indoor swimming party!

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