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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

9 shifts left; and faxing woes.

I would just like to say that FAXING IS SOOO) OBSOLETE!

Granted, there are SOME who still do it, and I'm sure it has to be more than just me (as a job requirement) and those who receive my faxes. I can't stand it. It's such a collossal waste of time & paper.

It's just...obsolete! typewriters.
...and cell phones with buttons.
...and using a paper map.
...and sending news via pigeon.
...and travelling by stagecoach.

There are so many amazing technological advances, and FAXING makes me crazy.
I'm just saying....


At 6:52 AM , Anonymous misguided mommy said...

I hate my fax machine with a passion. It's 20 years old and takes two minutes to send a fax. When I call people to send their bids and ask if they want it mailed fax or emailed I always find myself very angry when they want it faxed, or even mailed. WHO USES SNAIL MAIL ANY MORE? 80 year old women that is who and they driving fucking bonkers. My life is so much easier when I can just PDF a 4 page bid and email it instead of printing it and making mailing labels and weighing it for postage and OMFG GET A COMPUTER.


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