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Friday, October 29, 2010

The Morning After...

So, I left off blogging with Gage's 1st Ever Sleep Over.

Here are some pics of the morning after...
I actually got up & made breakfast!!! Because my little guy asked me to. Well, I had to say "yes" to that, because I had just finished telling him "no." I had to say "no" to his plan for waking up T: we could sneak up on him, and yell his name on the count of 3. Ummm....No. So, anyway...I made breakfast & the boys ate bacon, eggs, and confetti pancakes.

After that? Why Ghost-Busting, of course.

Gage really was having a difficult time sharing that morning, and T was so patient & understanding... He's such a sweet kid!

I'd say that Gage's 1st ever sleepover was a success.

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