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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The 1st Annual 90th Birthday Bash. (See you again next year.)

There were lots of family members who came for Gammy's birthday party, and Gammy brought a friend too: Her friend Mae. They live at the Assisted Living together, and she's great!

Pics from the party:

The roses (hello, it's the yellow rose of Texas!)...


The food {FINALLY ready!}....

(What I learned about the egg casserole that you bake: don't necessarily go for your cute baker, because if it isn't long & shallow, your eggs will take FOREVER to cook through...and by then, the natives will be restless. Stick with your clear, pyrex, non-dazzling lasagna baker, and call it done.)

...I already posted the best cake pics. Again I say, 90 candles on a birthday cake (no matter the size of the cake) is AWESOME!

Gage & Trystan were excited about temporary tattoos, and had to show them off. {Boys.}

Me & Baby Chris...

More Party Pics...

And when the party was over, and we walked the last guests goofy guy wanted "some silly pictures." {"Hey, Mommy, take my picture! Take my picture!} Silly goose.

I hope a great time was had by all...
These pictures sum up our Saturday week ago.
Clearly it's been a very.busy.week.
Pardon the lack of blogging.

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