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Monday, August 23, 2010

The Big C.....I'm LOVING it!

Have you seen this show?
I am SO loving it.


The new SHOWTIME original series THE BIG C features acclaimed actress Laura Linney in the role of Cathy Jamison, a reserved, stifled, Minneapolis schoolteacher who receives life changing news and decides, from that moment on, to make drastic, long-overdue adjustments to the way she is living her life.

Cathy has always been conservative and structured – the perfect suburban wife and mother. Receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis becomes not only a challenge, but a catalyst for change. Cathy is tired of being “the sensible one” — now she wants to let her freak flag fly. For the first time in her life, she is going to make choices that suit her needs. Who says you can't eat dessert as an appetizer? Time is precious, and Cathy is grabbing life by the balls...

While she decides whether to tell anyone about her diagnosis, Cathy declares is it now her turn to act up, confronting her immature husband, spoiled son and her selectively homeless and wildly outspoken brother. She begins to form unusual bonds with unexpected people, including her grouchy neighbor Marlene and her saucy student Andrea.



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