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Monday, August 09, 2010

Monday Funday!

For a change, I didn't work this past Monday. Rather, I worked Tuesday instead.
So, Monday was full of fun!

Gage started out with skateboarding (on this random little hand-me-down but where on earth did it come from-skateboard)...

Flower appreciation...

And there was swimming...and I do mean SWIMMING. (Yes, he's starting to be able to really swim...under water! He's not confident in his own abilities, and he really can't go very far yet, so he only swims in the shallow where he can can just stand up when he feels like he needs a sense of control...)

In the above photos---please notice the Iron Man temporary tattoos that Gage is now in love with. Oh, lucky us.

There was also karate that day, where he got the coveted FIRST spot in line-up. (Line up: all the "Tiny Tigers" line up on the edge of the mat in preparation for class to start. When it's time, they bow onto the mat & run down the mat to their spot. If you're first in line-up, then you get the spot closest to where a lot of the parents sit. Gage LOVES being first in When he first started, he would not haven even dared to be 1st in the line-up!)

After karate, Gage helped in the kitchen. That ended up making the whole "cooking" thing take longer, but whatever. He LOVED helping, and I loved the time together.

Truly, it was a great day!

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