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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good!

Ghostbustin' makes us feel good around here....
In our ghetto-fab ghostbusting gear:

Here's the map/game plan we came up with for our ghostbusting adventure:

Top Left: Hotel Room (the little squares are pillows)
Top Right: Kitchen (those are cabinets)
Bottom Left: Ballroom
Bottom Right: Bathroom
Bottom Center: Hello, that's the door. else would we spend a weekend morning?



At 6:36 PM , Blogger Melissa said...

OMG that sounds like SO much fun! Now I know I need to live closer. I will be the ghostbusting coffee drinker. : )

Who you gonna call????

At 7:27 PM , Blogger Christy said...

I love that map. I didn't know you had a ballroom!

At 12:08 PM , Blogger Kate said...

That is so cool!


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