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Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend boat fun....

A while back, Tera's crew came out on the boat with us.
Oh, it was a great time!
Biggest lessons learned that day: Tera needs waterproof mascara, & Laine cannot drive a boat {yet}.

{Isn't that just the CUTEST picture!?}

Pics from the day.....

"Tera! He told you not to sass him!"
"Nate---violence is not the answer!"

Us....cracking up about the exchange at Gloria's....
Oh, it was a looooong day.
Tubing...FUN. I even GOT THROWN OFF THE TUBE, and didn't freak out...well, I didn't freak out TOO BAD.
Nathan & Tera are like super-troopers. They were both up for wake-boarding & super impressive to me.
A GREAT day was had by all!

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