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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gymnastics 101

Gage was lucky enough to be invited to two birthday parties in one weekend, and they were both gymnastics parties.

Well, we were late to party #1, and so he did no gymnastics. But hey---we got cake & ice cream. What could be better, right? {As an aside: party #1 was in an area that I'm not super-familiar with, and the address wasn't just popping right up on the navigation system, and it was located BEHIND a Chuck E. Cheese, so I couldn't really see it from the tollway when I was flying by it....repeatedly. The good news: I was in HUBBY's car, and so the tolls are all linked to his car & he'll get the bill! Not me! Why??? Well, like I said---I was in his car, and I truly kept circling one area for 30+ minutes. On the tollroad, off the tollroad, there's a toll, oh, there's another see where I'm going with this. All that driving around probably cost him 8 bucks. Poor guy...}

Party #2 was a blast! We were there in plenty of time. It was located not to far from our house, and it was a lot of "free-play."
Pics from the party....The kiddo in red is "W," Gage's school-bestie.

Gage had fun. I think he'd really like gymnastics...but he probably wouldn't REALLY give it a shot in a structured class-like environment....

The take home goodie bags were filled with fun for Gage.
...and work for Daddy.
He got a wooden build-it-yourself spaceship, and a packet of 10 glow bracelets, and suckers---his favorite!
Hubby was immediately put to work...

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