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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Papa.

My Papa's health isn't so great.
It hasn't been so great for some time now....but now, it's REEEAAAALLY not so great. We joke, saying that he's been dying for years now...and who knows, maybe he'll pull out & surprise us all. But, it's not likely.

He's got CHF (congestive heart failure),renal failure, & a list of other things. He says, "I've had or got just about everything you can" relating to his health ailments. He's also got skin cancer on his head for which he was doing chemo. He's not doing the topical chemo any longer because he calls it "fire water." He says it just hurts too bad.

It's taking a toll on my 89 year old grandmother, and something just has to change in this situation.

So, pray for my Pop. Pray for my Gammy.

But---I don't want to end this on a sad note.
I want to end it on something sweet. So here's a story.

As we were packing things & preparing for our move. I got a few pictures out of the old secretary cabinet. Gage saw the picture of a trio of soldiers on the beach in the Phillipines. It was Papa and two of his soldier buddies from years ago. I told Gage that the picture was Papa, and that he used to be a soldier.
"He was an Army Dude?"
"But it doesn't look like Papa."
Well, he was much younger then.
"He wanted to be a grandpa when he grew up? And he got his wish!!!????"
Yes, buddy. Something like that. He got his wish.

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At 7:27 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are both in my prayers! hugs xo

At 7:04 AM , Blogger Just Jiff said...

Sorry to hear this. :(
*HUGS* and "Prayers*

At 1:43 PM , Blogger Shoeaddict said...

I'm sorry, friend. That is hard, I know. He is very cute though. And the story is awesome. We need another Gage video with lots of talking.

At 12:17 PM , Blogger Mojavi said...

will do friend will do....

gage says the cutest things :)

At 9:56 PM , Blogger Heidi said...

Thinking of you and your Papa.


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