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Thursday, June 11, 2009

The "W" Crew! 5/31/9

So, Blaine, Jessica, & their kiddos were in town a couple of weeks ago.
Blaine, Jessica, and I all went to Tulane together.
And---they got married on my birthday! So, their anniversary is quickly approaching.

We all had such a great day!
We cooked out, and they brought Gage a Slip-n-Slide, which really was the BEST gift b/c the one he had from last year was ruined, and this boy really LOVES his Slip-n-Slide.

So, I hadn't seen B, their son, since he was...what? 18 months old? Almost 2?
And the twins, S & A---I hadn't ever met them! Jessica was pregnant with them when I was pregnant with Gage, and they were born the June before Gage was born. So, S & A---Happy Belated Birthday!

S & A are identical twin girls. They look JUST ALIKE at first. But then, after only being around them for a little while, you totally get the hang of seeing double, but knowing who is who. A is like a little Barbie Cheerleader. S is much more dramatic. While their voices sound the same to me---their tones & word choices seem different.
But----there was one thing that happened during the day, and now for the life of me I can't remember which gal it was that hit Gage. I think it was A. {In her defense, Gage instigated the whole thing, and of course that too came to light!} Anyway, she asked her mother how she knew that she'd hit Gage. Jessica said, "because I saw you!" and the response was PRICELESS!!!: "But I did it so quickly."
Yes, I think it was A. was a fabulous day. I so wish they lived closer. Gage could just play with all 3 of them for days on end.

Some pics from the day....

Jessica & Lainey-Paney...

B & Blaine...

A & S....





Sand Table Fun...

The girls were so very excited about meeting Bonnie & feeding her...

There was also a little backyard baseball...

And...these popper snap things. I think they may be called "Snaps". They're white & you just throw 'em down & they pop. The kids loved them.

It was all well & good until Gage & B wanted to play with "Spikes" the remote control dinosaur. The little girls were totally freaked out by Spikes.

So, all in all, it was a greeeeaaaaat day.
Hot & sweaty, but great!

I can't wait for a road-trip to Georgia to visit them!
Our kiddos loved playing together. I loved hanging out with Blaine & Jessica & catching up. And Jessica & I just talked about being moms, and friends, and our kids, and how it's just sometimes nice to hang out with someone who knew you before you became a mom, ya know?! We have an old house that we've been slowly changing. They have an even older house that they are changing. We just have so much more to talk about than we could fit in one visit! was fabulous.
I can't wait to do it again. And judging from the fact that Gage was asleep about 20 minutes after they left---I'd say he had a fabulous time too!

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At 10:30 AM , Blogger shoeaddict said...

Really pretty kids. I'm a nosey-rosey (and also searching for names!) and dying to know the real names of S & A. There is an A name on my list.

I forgot that you went to Tulane!!


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