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Tuesday, June 02, 2009


So, this is what I'm reading now...

Let me just tell's NOT great.
But, it's been hard to wedge reading in with school, work, housework, keeping up with Gage, family, friends, etc.
And still, I'm sticking with my "Read at least one book per month" New Year's Resolution. (And no, school books don't count. Neither do Gage's books!)

So, because I started it---I will damn well finish it so I can count it.

The main character---I can't decide if I hate her or not. She is supposed to be a NJ HouseWife who lives in a McMansion, but for some reason in my mind---she's got this Southern Belle Diva quality to her.
And still---I don't really like her.

Maybe I will by the time I'm done with the book....



At 12:43 PM , Blogger Kate said...

Argh. I hate when I really don't like the main character.


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