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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Biv-Wackin' @ Fort Dix

"Come on, Tera. You know you wanna go Biv-Wackin' @ Fort Dix!"

{I suppose I'll have to explain all this at some point....but I should probably start at the beginning....}

So, Friday, my dad drove 1/2 way to Mom's & the met for the Allen hand-off.
Then, Dad, Ruby, Allen, and Mom's cupcakes made their way to my house.
My mom made theeeeeeeeeeeeeee best cupcakes for us.

Do you see that?
Not only do you get a cupcake with icing, but you get 3 oreos & an M&M that's decorated to look like a ladybug. They were both beautiful & delicious. I'm not sure life gets any better than that.

So, randomly, Nathan & Tera & Aubri weren't up to much, so they ventured over for a backyard cook-out. Nothin' fancy. Burgers on the grill. Mmmmmmm!

The conversation turned to camping.
Apparently in the military, Nathan went "Biv-Wacking" {I have NO IDEA if I am spelling that correctly} & had these horrible, wet, muddy stories from his adventures. Biv-wacking was like camping.
Only, camping doesn't usually involve using your M-16 as a pillow. Or, at least no camping I've ever experienced involved an M-16. I'm just sayin'.....

Other random pics from the evening....

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At 12:56 PM , Blogger Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Wow! AWesome cupcakes! Looks like fun.

At 6:57 PM , Blogger Kate said...

How big are those cupcakes? They look amazing!

Bivouac is much less fun than biv-wack. And neither has seemed like much fun to me. I think of guys in canoes and sleeping in the woods in Canada/N US.

At 10:08 PM , Anonymous misguided mommy said...

those cupcakes look DIVINE. Your mom is a cupcake genius. No, just a GENIUS! also, the teethbrush post up there shows me a little bit of your gorgeous bathroom!


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